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LXV Wine – The Magic Begins (May 22 Post Written for LXV Blog)


The below is a post I wrote for LXV Wine at blog.lxvwine.com about an event they were having.



May 22, 2014

Secret Craving: A Secret So Lavish, We Can’t Keep It…

It is the shadowy desire that crosses your mind in the deep, open possibilities of a long night, and in the rejuvenation of a new morning…the strength of your convictions and the frivolity of your indulgences..the coaxing you give in to when no one is looking…
your Secret Craving.


Photo by Sarah Graybill – sarahdgraybill@gmail.comhttp://www.practiCaliLocal.com


The Secret Is Out
Our Secret Craving? It’s a deep, ruby-colored wine…a mellow yet dramatic performance starring three distinct beauties: Cab Fanc, Syrah and Merlot.

Plucked from the rich soil of Paso Robles, the grapes that wrote the script for this unique ensemble deliver an engaging deep fruit and blueberry performance. Subtly sweet and gracefully bold, this hush-hush concoction speaks of its passions through flavors of cassis, leather and spice.

Sip it, pair it, chill it, air it…and each time, it will provide you with an experience more unique than the last. It’s the very evidence of intrique and the very magic of science, all at once.

The First Rendezvous
On a breezy, sunny Sunday this past weekend, Secret Craving was poured at a secret tasting on LXV winery property in Paso Robles, greeted by the eyes, noses and palates of a select few “suitors” who could not wait to meet LXV’s (and winemaker Amy Butler’s) latest work of winemaking art.


Photo by Sarah Graybill – sarahdgraybill@gmail.comhttp://www.practicalilocal.com

Surrounded by barn wood, vines, crystal chandeliers, homemade international cuisine and superb company, lucky wine-lovers basked in the glow of this chic rural hideaway as it created the perfect balance between a simple backdrop and a complex, agile wine.


Experience the Magic
If you can’t bear to leave this Secret Craving unsatiated a moment longer, we invite you to a mysteriously riveting and whimsically indulgent tasting this Saturday, May 24, 7-9:30PM at the rustically elegant LXV property.

On-location at LXV, world-renowned LA magician David Minkin will conjure an exclusive, private magic show for an intimate group of spectators, to their delight and amazement.

The magical gathering will include:

–       Wine tasting (meet your Secret Craving)

–       Indian epicurean delights (aka, outstanding food)

–       A private magic show

–       Mysticism, ambience and intrigue


Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1gnSQRl

Saturday, May 24th
(7:00pm – 9:30p
LXV Wine (Willow Creek Ranch)
3680 Willow Creek Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Directions: 101 – 46W exit, Head West on 46. Turn Right on Vineyard Drive. After 0.8 miles, second right on Willow CreekRoad. After 0.5 miles, just after Changala Winery, you will see a board for LXV.

Parking: Plenty of parking on Willow Creek and in front of the house.


50 seats ONLY!
$85 per person
$72.25 – LXV Club Members (contact Neeta for the code)
$75.50 – groups of 4 or more
Purchase at: http://lxvwineandmagic.brownpapertickets.com/ or call Neeta at 530-763-3821.


ID: Please bring some form of identification


Dress: Relaxed cocktail – (Dressy but no tie necessary). This is an outdoor event, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring a light sweater.


We can’t wait to see you there. And THAT’S no secret at all…

Zinful Selections of the Central Coast – (Broken Earth Winery Zinfandel Festival 2014)



Picture this:
It’s 10AM on a Saturday, and the sun has already gotten in its morning workout and is beaming all over the place.
Its greeting is warm and breezy and says, “Time to come out and play.”

And on the agenda is a scenic drive through Wine Enthusiast’s 2013 Wine Region of the Year, Paso Robles, CA.
And this drive ends at Broken Earth Winery, complete with a beautiful stone barrel and tasting room, a sprawling green lawn reminiscent of a resort escape, staff that give off more a “family” feel, and an amazing festival taking place in the midst of it all.


Jen and Sarah, taking in the tasting room.

Welcome to the 2014 Zinfandel Festival (March 15, 2014).

I arrived with my friend Jen promptly at 11AM, and we made our way to the tasting room first.
We’re Central Coast newbies and are all about this “wine is the new coffee,” brunch-time tasting.


Our first sips were of the 2012 Grenache Blanc, which was awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points at the Central Coast wine competition.
Nose: Fruity, crisp, with notes of apple and melon.
Body: Lighter, complex, with bright fruit and distinguishable (yet delightful) taste of the alcohol…smooth finish.
*Can purchase for $20.

Next, we tried the 2010 Pinot Gris, which is made from grapes other than the ones they grow. (All of their wines’ grapes are Broken Earth-grown, besides the Pinots and Zins.) (Silver Medal)
Nose: Bright and light, with notes of pineapple and melon.
Body: Hints of a petrolly, almost plastic taste, slightly bitter finish.
*Others may experience notes of ripe red apples, honeydew, along with pineapple, mango and guava.
*Can purchase for $16.

On to the 2012 Diablo Blanco (aka “white devil” in Spanish) is a Viognier. Should be intriguing, right? And it was. But far from evil, I must say…
Nose: Fresh pear and distinct grape on the nose, like a younger grape though…light and sweet.
Body: Notes of bergamot and an herb, perhaps rosemary.
*Others may experience hints of apricot and peach, along with tangerine, papaya and guava.
*Can purchase for $18.

IMG_8798  IMG_8796

On to my favorites…the red varieties. This flight began with the 2010 Quadrant Platinum, which is a Bordeaux-style blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Petite Syrah. (Double Gold Medal)
Nose: Mid-level fruit-forwardness, and just a bit dry.
Body: Complex, with notes of sandalwood or myrrh…so a bit smokey and toasty…with a warm and understated finish.
*Others may experience ripe fruit with a velvet texture.
*Can purchase for $16.

The Quadrant, in all of its unique and subtle boldness was a perfect precursor for the 2010 Pull CdR, a blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenache and a dash of Viognier. (Silver Medal)
Nose: Subtle, fruit-forward (but not too forward).
Body: Dry and smooth, just a hint of spice and with a velvety finish.
*Others may experience aromas of strawberries on the nose.
*Can purchase for $18.

Next, we sampled the 2010 Broken Earth Tempranillo. (Silver Medal)
Nose: Fruit-forward and a bit jammy, smokey.
Body: Toasty, rich and tart, with a smooth and subtly spicy finish. Warm.
*Others may experience subtle floral notes.
*Can PAIR WITH Italian or red sauces, smoked pork or sausage.
*Can purchase for $22.

Then, we were down to the Zin! We sipped the 2012 Broken Earth Zinfandel, which was a new release.
Nose: Smokey and dry, a bit of spice…nutmeg or cardamom perhaps.
Body: Full-bodied and complex, with a smokey/myrrh taste, a bit of a kick and edge to it, with a smooth finish.
*Others may experience black cherry and pepper.
*Can PAIR WITH pasta or grilled beef.
*Can purchase for $22.

As a follow-up to the earlier “white devil,” we next tempted our tastebuds with the 2012 Diablo Negro (black devil), a Petite Sirah.
Nose: Fruit-forward and a bit jammy.
Body: Very bold fruit presence, with plum and vanilla on the finish. Smooth, subtle & tart finish. Hint of strawberry on the tail end of it.
*Others may experience vanilla bean, roasted coffee and intense berries.
*Can purchase for $18.

Next, we had the privilege of trying the 2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which was delicious.
Nose: Sweet and fruit-forward with strawberry and rhubarb.
Body: Smooth and compex, with a hint of celery seed, or parsley perhaps, with a subtle yet full, warm finish.
*Can purchase for $48.

Second-to-last, we also had the privilege of tasting the 2010 Reserve Petit Verdot, normally used exclusively as a blending grape as it can be too bold and spicy on its own. But the climatic conditions of that year, made this one an excellent stand-alone.
Nose: Evident alcohol scent and very dry.
Body: Dry, but warm and toasty like a campfire. It was smooth and warm to the finish.
*My tasting cohort, Jen, got goosebumps!
*Can purchase for $48.

Finally, we capped off our delightful tasting experience with the 2010 CV Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which spent 13 months in one barrel, five months in another, both of which were new French oak barrels.
Nose: Dry, with a raisiny essence of fig.
Body: Medium-boldness, but dry with dark cherry, the taste of oak and a sugary finish/aftertaste.
*Others may experience dark fruit, vanilla and exotic spices.
*Can purchase for $59.

Tasting room staff was informative, pleasant, and all were having an amazing time, as the Steve Sturgis and Roadhouse band played outside until 1PM.

IMG_8896  IMG_8893

Sunshine, Santa Maria Grills and Zinful Thinking

As Jen and I wandered outside, we were greeted with the perfectly-charred, smoky scent of the large Santa Maria grill in action.

IMG_8813  IMG_8812
This was our first-ever experience with what was called a “sausage garden,” provided by J&R Meats, all-you-can-eat, with a delicious variety of mustards and breads.


Best of all, we were handed a generously-poured glass of Zinfandel with with to enjoy/pair our sausage selections.


So we filled our plates, perched on the babbling fountain in the sun, and enjoyed what—so far—was turning into a perfect day.

Other patrons were scattered at tables, lounging in chairs and cheery conversation in a sun-dappled and tree-speckled, green garden.

IMG_8800  IMG_8802

It was lovely.

IMG_8842  IMG_8850

Straight from the Barrel – Venturing Inside the Broken Earth

Next, self-proclaimed “cellar rat” David Sanchez, accompanied at points by Broken Earth Event Coordinator Michelle Angell, gave is the grand tour of the cavernous depths and high ceilings of the Broken Earth barrel room and offices.

IMG_8819  IMG_8821

We saw the amazing place where they print their labels, where patrons can actually have their own custom labels, printed—which not a lot of people know!


So if you have a gift, wedding, business event, anything, you can print your own custom wine label. Amazing, right??

Look at this printer! They are the only winery in the U.S. to own this equipment, which is very cool.

IMG_8854  IMG_8857

Once in the barrel room, we had the opportunity to taste straight from some of the barrels, which was pretty fun! David was incredibly informative, and made a really awesome time of it all for everyone.

IMG_8859  IMG_8862
It eventually become hot as Hades outside, so the cool barrel room was a welcome relief of an environment, with tunes from the Back Bay Betty band wafting in through the open doors from outside.


When we headed home, we were slightly tanned, full and very content.

I would highly recommend this event to anyone passing through (or living near) the SLO/Paso-county area. Keep your radars up for next year by following their Facebook page for event updates!



Learn more about Broken Earth wines.

Follow Broken Earth on Facebook.


Event photos continued….

IMG_8897 IMG_8892 IMG_8887 IMG_8886 IMG_8885 IMG_8879 IMG_8877 IMG_8876 IMG_8874 IMG_8871 IMG_8869 IMG_8867 IMG_8863 IMG_8861 IMG_8860 IMG_8859 IMG_8857 IMG_8853 IMG_8852 IMG_8849 IMG_8847 IMG_8841 IMG_8836 IMG_8832 IMG_8831 IMG_8830 IMG_8829 IMG_8826 IMG_8825 IMG_8822 IMG_8819 IMG_8811 IMG_8810 IMG_8807 IMG_8803 IMG_8801