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How to Make the Most of Your 2015 Digital Marketing Budget

How to Make the Most of Your 2015 Digital Marketing Budget

New Year’s resolutions apply to businesses, too. And though it may be tempting to jump on the bandwagon of trimming down or cutting back when it comes to your 2015 digital marketing budget, how about having a healthier year simply by investing more wisely in digital strategy, app development, responsive web design and social campaigns?

If your 2014 marketing strategy left you wanting for something more impactful, deconstruct last year’s efforts, assess the numbers and approach digital marketing in 2015 with the speed and ardor of a startup.

Innovation is Key

“Marketers should have a defined portion of their budgets that’s purely for innovation,” says Ken Allard, managing director of business strategy for Huge. “It’s for trying out new things, new experiences, and new ways of interacting with consumers that don’t have a history of return; it’s funding something new to help move a brand forward.”

Instead of sticking to strategies that didn’t necessarily fail last year, try something daring and new. Marketing kudos these days are going to companies who make bold moves…not the ones investing in being ‘just another popup.’ That doesn’t mean discarding your traditional strategies that may have been working, but rather, innovating better ways to implement these strategies. Is there a new technology that could augment your strategy’s effectiveness? A new marketing medium that could activate a broader audience?

If so, dive in. Innovation is not only helpful, but it is also necessary for continual growth.  And where should the rest of the budget go after innovation?

Industry experts weigh in on where to apply your 2015 marketing budget:

  • A variety of unique mobile marketing channels
  • A clear plan for results measurement and ROI of marketing strategies
  • Case studies on how your adjusted spending affects consumer behavior

Ken Allard, managing director of business strategy for Huge


  • Creating engaging customer experiences across digital channels (mobile, social, video, display, email)
  • Programmatic buying to enable cost-efficient marketing media-buying at scale
  • Data and analytics should to reach the right audience with the right offer

Mark Strecker, CEO, Amobee


  • Determining where your key target marketing audiences are
  • Pinpointing where their target consumers are spending time
  • Mobile, marketing learning curves and new fiscal steps involved

Rebecca Lieb, analyst, Altimeter Group


  • Social: as a marketing medium that grows so fast and is so large, it’s rich with customer-driven data
  • Studying that social data, which improves the quality of relationships marketers can have with consumers

—Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly


  • Choosing the right channels for your unique message, which may not be the same marketing channels as others are using or having success with
  • Video (mobile and web) marketing: a great place to create a true connection

Mark Yackanich, CEO, Genesis Media





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30 Ways to Tell Social Media (or Agency Work) is Your Life, and Living is Your Hobby

  1. When you realize the sheer proportion of time you spend on one versus the other equates social media coming out on top. [insert concerned, sad gaze into the distance]
  2. When you refrain from posting the Instagram you just took of your beautiful dinner because 8PM isn’t optimal for peak audience exposure and engagement on a Thursday.
  3. When you hold off on writing a blog post about a great event you went to 4 months ago because you “just haven’t had the time to give the post the reflection it deserves.”
  4. When you can be buried in your iPhone and typing away with your thumbs, but 100% listening to whomever is speaking to you. Empathy + Emails. Besties + Business.
  5. When you silently, loathingly chastise people who turn complete sentences into hashtags. “That is not searchable or socially scalable! Why do you even HAVE Twitter??” #becauseeverythingisayshouldbebothpopularandtrending
  6. Facebook is no longer fun. Unless you’re drinking, in which case Facebook is not only briefly fun again but also something that warrants some reputation-management-style deleting the next morning. 
  7. You most likely work for an agency, and you truly do a little bit of everything. If you were a cartoon, you’d be an octopus. In the middle of a Vin diagram of “job roles.”
  8. You just compared yourself to an octopus in the middle of a Vin diagram. And it made sense.
  9. You genuinely hope someone notices when you like their post, because you don’t give those to just anyone. Likes are like really nice $1-apiece business cards….or maybe a beer. “You better like me back, bro.”
  10. You now buy wine by the box because it means not staring shamefully at any number of empty bottles the next day. “The box” keeps all of your consumption secrets…
  11. When you drink, you never feel “drunk,” just more creative. And this case would hold up to even the toughest jury, based on the undeniable (and grammatically perfect) evidence you produce during the bouts of insobriety in question.
  12. You never lose your phone. It’s a body part. Evolution is just trying to catch up with this.
  13. You judge how truly pitiful an image is based on the inability for even an Instagram filter to make it look share worthy.
  14. Facebook: “Friends”= someone you met once and found interesting enough to want to stalk once in a while…. + those people who actually know and care for you.
  15. You regularly change your Facebook profile pic and cover photo, because to adjust one and not the other to exist cohesively would be “off brand.”
  16. You just got mildly bothered by the fact that you kind of consider yourself a brand.
  17. You totally hate on the social cliches like “That awkward moment when…” and “Dear [inanimate object]…” and “FML” and “[Something desirable]? Yes please!” But then use them yourself because they’re even catchier than “like” as a filler word…and almost less obnoxious.
  18. At least 11 people ask if you’re the [insert business/group name here] official photographer because you go everywhere with your Canon. EVERYWHERE.
  19. You check your client’s social media platforms more than your own. “32 new likes? 150% increased engagement over last week??? Day is made…”
  20. Finding out about new social stat-tracking programs feels like being given the code to a secret vault. Of Butterfingers. No, even better…
  21. You use words like RFP, deliverables, deck, retainer, raw file, JPEG and more with ease, while family and friends just nod with big eyes.
  22. You can’t think something funny without posting it. 
  23. You recognize Google+ is kind of like that guy you just didn’t quite fall for in college. You give each other a shout once in awhile, but you both are pretty sure neither of you really cares…
  24. Seeing someone in Instagram with 847,000 followers makes you want to delete the pictures of your latest dive bar concert and glass of $6 happy-hour-Grenache and just give up.
  25. …buuuuuut you don’t.
  26. You realize one day that Facebook is kind of like a set of “acquaintance flash cards” and gain a whole new appreciation for the photographic-memory logistics on which this capitalizes.
  27. You can’t decide which is more stupid: “feet on the beach” or “feet by the pool” vacation photos, or the fact that you’re guilty of having posted one before.
  28. When people refer to Friday through Sunday, you wonder, “And…wh…what is a week-END?”
  29. You tell yourself every day you can not keep up with this lifestyle forever. And then you do.
  30. You’re awake reading this when bedtime was an hour ago. And you don’t regret it.